Travel Size Gentle Wash and Polish Set Cranberry & Pomegranate Fragrance


Travel Size Gentle Wash and Polish Set Cranberry & Pomegranate Fragrance


Ocean Bloom Seaweed Facial Wash is gentle enough for even sensitive skin, yet powerful to remove dirt and other residues while leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Ocean Bloom Active Seaweed Facial Polish brightens and freshens the skin when used two to three times a week. Removes dead skin cells for a younger, healthier, brighter skin.

Our Gentle facial wash & polish has a Pomegranate & Cranberry fragrance.



Gentle Seaweed Facial Wash 25ml travel size

Our gentle Seaweed Facial Wash is a 2 in 1 cream cleanser and face wash. It removes daily dirt and grime whilst soothing and softening skin.

Packed with nourishing and enriching oils, that are naturally balancing, antioxidant and anti-bacterial. This creamy wash gives your face a vitamin enriched boost.

To use: Wet skin and massage in a small amount of product into the skin. For best results leave product sitting on skin for a minute or two. This allows the natural oils to penetrate deeper. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.

Seaweed Facial Polish 25ml travel size

Effortlessly exfoliate your skin with one of our facial polishes. The epidermis layer of skin takes around 28 days to renew itself when we are in our late 20’s, the process takes even longer the older we become (a day for every year !). So give your skin a helping hand with regular exfoliation using an Ocean Bloom Seaweed Facial Polish. Our facial polish removes lingering dead skin cells with a mix of pomegranate seeds, crushed mother of pearl, crushed volcanic rock and apricot stones to reveal fresher, brighter skin. Using a facial polish will also help your moisturiser work more effectively.

Ocean Bloom’s Seaweed Facial Polish is gentle enough to be used daily, however use only once a week on sensitive skin. Using a polish assists the skin’s natural renewal and leaves your skin feeling like silk.

To use: Using circular motions, massage product into damp skin avoiding delicate eye area. Leave product on skin for a minute or two before carefully wiping away with warm water or a damp cloth. Gently pat dry.

This duo is suitable for vegans and is of course cruelty free.

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