Seaweed Serum Pouches Pack 3


Seaweed Serum Pouches Pack 3


This gorgeous silver bag is packed with three pouches of Beara seaweed.  Each individual pouch is wrapped in unbleached muslin to deliver a dose of silky, chemical-free seaweed serum that lasts at least a week.  (You’ll need to keep it in the fridge)  Use the chilled seaweed serum on its own, as a base for moisturiser or apply as often as desired during the day to your face, body or hair.

Pack of 3 individual pouches


Seaweed Serum Pouches Pack 3

Ocean Bloom’s luxurious silver bag of 3 individually wrapped, hand harvested, slowly dehydrated seaweed serum pouches, which once hydrated will give you pure seaweed serum for use on your face, body or hair.

Place a seaweed pouch in a large cup or bowl and cover with approximately 150 to 200ml of  hot water.  Leave for seaweed to re-hydrate.  Once cool squeeze the pouch and seaweed and the silky serum will appear through the muslin.  Keep in the fridge for a week once hydrated.  If the pouch dries out you can add a little more water.

Our seaweed is collected from the crystal clear waters of the Wild Atlantic Way.




100% Fucus Serratus

2 reviews for Seaweed Serum Pouches Pack 3

  1. Anita

    I have been using the seaweed pouches and facial scrub since the 20th of march and I couldn’t recommend it more my skin feels so soft and I had a redness around my nose which I have to say is nearly sorted .so thank you Cheryl your product is great …looking forward to Thursday
    —feeling fantastic. – Anita 05/05/15

  2. Valerie

    Hi Cheryl, I received Ocean Bloom products as a xmas present, they were purchased at Berehaven pharmacy, I have the serum, body and hand cream and lip balm, the products are amazing, leave your skin silky soft, just thrilled to find a great product, thanks Cheryl wishing you a very successful 2017 all the best valerie, north road, castletownbere xxxx

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